Welsh CBD at it's finest.

Hand crafted, Artisanal CBD products developed and formulated in Wales. Hand made in a carbon neutral lab in Pembrokeshire.

Lab tested for your peace of mind. Our products were developed with real world CBD users to create the most effective, all natural solutions that don't cost the earth. Whether you need CBD drops, Skin Care, Massage therapy or some Gourmet Chocolate then we've got you covered!

With the InfiniTree project we also plant 1 tree for every product sold featuring the InfiniTree emblem!

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Infinity CBD Calm Stick

More Strengths | Less Plastic!

We listened to your feedback, and as much as we loved the large glass jars for our Salve, we appreciate it wasn't the most portable for a daily carry in your bag!

So we decided to make our Salve packaging lightweight, slimline and by changing to these tins you'll no longer have a plastic lid to contend with!

Better yet, it's now available up to 1,000mg!

If you haven't already, try this decadent whipped Body Butter today!

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The Original Calm Stick

Yep, here it is! The original Full Spectrum CBD roll on boosted with all natural Lavender and Peppermint essential oils with a massaging roller ball for targeted relief! 

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Here at Infinity CBD we take great pride in the quality of the ingredients inside of our products. We decided it was time to match that quality on the outside but doing a complete redesign on our CBD Oil Drop packaging! 

This has taken the best part of 5 months of work to produce and release! 



That's right, our Vegan friendly CBD soft gummies are here! Available in time for Christmas for those last minute shoppers!

10mg of CBD each, makes these the perfect way to keep topped up with a consistent dose!

Lets have a look then!

Natures Balm

4 Ingredients. All found in Nature. Designed to nourish your skin with Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Almond Oil, with only best lab certified Full Spectrum CBD formulated by us. 

Read our reviews to find why this is a favourite of so many of our customers! 

Start your CBD skin care journey HERE!

Orbs just got better!

We have spent the chaos of Covid trying to revaluate our product line and one of our main goals was to reduce plastic usage where possible.

We are now proud to relaunch our popular Orbs in a brand new amber glass bottle with metal lid! We've also dropped the price!

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CBD Chocolate!

We couldn't resist it when we had the chance to launch the UK's first range of gourmet CBD Chocolate made by a master chocolatier. Now with 5 different flavours to choose! At 5mg per square these bars are the perfect way to treat yourself whilst staying topped up, or a tasty way try CBD for the first time!

Chocolate lovers this way!

All Natural

Our CBD Oil drops are lab tested for peace of mind, all natural and vegan friendly! Build generous reward points and use Buy 1 Get 1 Half price to help make your CBD journey cost effective! 

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