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CBD Oil For Fibromyalgia
 Honest Advice from a Fibro Warrior

CBD Oil For Fibromyalgia

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We often get asked about using CBD for Fibromyalgia. It's no secret that we worked closely with a local Fibromyalgia support group to develop our CBD product range and regularly attend talks about treatment for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis amongst other conditions. There's a lot of studies, reviews and word of mouth that supports the effectiveness of CBD when utilized correctly. We regularly have enquiries as a customers research suggests that CBD may be beneficial to them.

More often than not they're researching migraines with fibromyalgia, anti-inflammatory attributes of CBD, CBD Oils for Fibromyalgia symptoms and whether it can help with pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, we're restricted in terms of discussing any medicinal benefits of CBD as sellers in the UK, unlike the US which has different state laws, FDA approved options and wherein many states the cannabis plant is legal to grow and purchase.

Although we can talk to you in-depth about whether CBD is legal, provide research on CBD, explain the differences between tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), what 'Hemp-Derived CBD' means in contrast to medical cannabis/medical marijuana and how the different delivery methods work. We can't go as far as directly talking about benefits past its ability to 'Maintain your health'.

As we regularly get questions about CBD for Fibromyalgia, we thought it was best to be able to refer these on to a first-hand account from someone who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 10 years ago and has had great success in managing her symptoms with a few different approaches.

As much as we have learned a great deal from attending support groups, we hoped hearing a first-hand account from someone experienced with Fibromyalgia would be more relatable for those of you coming here to learn more about it.


 The views and opinions in the following interview are by a third party not by Infinity CBD and we do not validate any medical claims that may be present in this article. Everyone's experiences are different with CBD let alone Fibro, however with first-hand experience and tips, being more informed about where to start will hopefully be beneficial to you trying CBD for the first time. 

Fibro Warrior Interview

So without further ado, introducing Chisel, the founder of the Dyfed Fibromyalgia Support Group!

Dyfed Fibromyalgia Support Group

Hi Chisel, introduce yourself to our readers and let them know your Fibro story! 

"Hi, my name is Chisel, I’m 50yrs old and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and M.E 10yrs ago. Here is a short account of how I got here today med free and able to better manage my pain & illness.

When I was first told I had fibromyalgia in 2010. It was, at best good news and bad. Good in finally after years of suffering so much pain I finally had an answer, the bad news is there wasn’t a lot I could do about it.

Doctors knew very little about it, some didn’t even believe it existed, told me I was lazy, or it's a women thing, I’m overweight or just plain imagining it. Feeling very alone and getting worse I sank into anxiety and depression which led to panic attacks and more pain, I become all but bedridden from the pain and constant fatigue, I couldn’t work so I had to give it up. 

This went on for over 2yrs, got no help/ empathy or constructive advice from many medical professionals, they just gave me more meds that were having little or no effect, or worse the side effects were making me worse or like a zombie. Finally, I decided enough was enough I was coming off my meds and would find alternative pain management. So I decided I would try to find out as much information about what fibromyalgia was, and how to help myself improve. 

Using my background in holistic therapies, nutrition, and aromatherapy I studied all I could find out about fibromyalgia. Looking at all the alternatives to help me heal, or at least improve my symptoms, for which there are many, 200 plus as I have found out.

It took me over 7 years studying to find out all I could about fibro, lots of trial and error testing or trying out new foods, natural therapies, natural pain relief, exercise or other ways to help, there were a lot of fails but some wins where I could get to where I am today. 

Yet I’m still studying and looking for new results in research regularly. Today I have a strong understanding of fibromyalgia and chronic pain and for the last 18+ months I have been sharing my knowledge and findings with others in form of starting a support group online and doing workshops, meets, and hydrotherapy sessions in West Wales.

Although there is no cure, I have found ways to lessen the effects of fibromyalgia symptoms and pain in myself and am now meds free and only using natural pain relief and therapies to manage my illness. Enter my amazing find on the effects of CBD…"

CBD For Fibromyalgia

There are risks of addiction and other side effects from prescribed medications for Fibro, have you done your research?

Fibromyalgia Symptoms and management

Has CBD helped with managing your fibromyalgia and how did you first learn about CBD and decide to try to use it to help with your Fibromyalgia? 

"During my years of research, I found a lot of mentions about CBD oil and its amazing effects on pain relief. So I started looking into it, the information was varied and bit confusing but found a lot of positive testimonials, so I looked into obtaining some. The strengths and types were very confusing, so I asked a friend that had used it to get me some.

OMG the difference it made after a few days! I slept better my head was clearer and after a couple of weeks. I found my anxiety improving and I was starting to feel my old self again and pain felt lessened! I was so happy!

But after I could no longer get any from that supplier I tried elsewhere, this is where I learned that not all CBD is the same and varies vastly in cost and purity as I found out from the many different brands I tried. As I couldn’t find any real knowledgeable information I found that a lot of CBD was useless for my fibromyalgia as it was too low quality or extremely expensive with no guarantee of its effectiveness.

Then I met the lovely Rowan when I walked into the Pembrokeshire CBD Centre store in Haverfordwest, which had newly opened. What I found was not only the best quality CBD that works amazingly but an extremely knowledgeable man in all there is to know about CBD, he helped find me the right CBD Oil and CBD products he thought could help with my Fibro pain and educated me in what CBD is, how it helps, how its made etc. 
I came out feeling I finally had some useful knowledge to help me manage my pain and feedback to forward to my Fibro support group. I have since met the rest of the team at Infinity CBD and they all know their stuff and are a great bunch of people always ready to help or provide information on CBD products.

This is why I then asked them to help my support group by doing information talks at my workshops which they gladly did and in turn, we have been able to help them understand and raise awareness into what fibromyalgia is and how it affects us. That information gained from talking to my members and other sufferers of fibromyalgia has been used to tailor-make products that help those with chronic pain & fibromyalgia....

Thanks guys your defo my life saver and to many others on my group.

CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia MS CFS
CBD Balm for Fibromyalgia
Herbal Treatments for Fibromyalgia

Alternative remedies for Fibromyalgia worth researching

As you’re active with many people with fibromyalgia, how would you say the general experience with those who’ve tried CBD is? 

'Using my newly Gained knowledge of CBD from the guys at Infinity CBD and my personal feedback on how it was working for me and how it helped my pain and reduced my anxiety etc. I put this to my Fibromyalgia support group, with that and using the knowledge they gained at the CBD talks Rowan provided at the workshops, many decided to try CBD to help them to reduce their pain and help manage their symptoms and try come off, or reduce the many medication prescribed to them for fibromyalgia.

A high percentage on my group have lowered their meds and found better pain relief and better pain management with CBD, some like myself are totally meds free and have improved so much. CBD is not a cure for fibromyalgia or chronic pain but it can help massively help in reducing your pain and anxiety and help you get a more restful quality of sleep, which as we all know helps us recover from bad Fibromyalgia flares and aids less pain as it allows our bodies to rest."

Many people are different in terms of what works for them and find different delivery methods to help them more than others, so with Fibro complications on top of that what would you say the most popular method/ combination has been?

"CBD works differently for different people I have found from feedback on the group, maybe 1% it doesn’t work for or some have found the oil doesn’t help but the topical balms and salves work better, but for the majority, it helps a lot, different strengths work for different people as do different products.

I find the CBD Oil is best for my anxiety and PTSD and to aid sleep and the infinity CBD balm is great for daily use on the spot pain relief rubbed on to joints and tender areas, plus I use the Calm Stick when needed when I get muscles spasms or headaches it’s like a miracle in a bottle and a huge favourite with my members on group lol, especially as we can carry everywhere with us as its a roll-on bottle."

Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Trigger Points CBDFibromyalgia Symptoms

What should someone with fibromyalgia realistically expect when trying CBD and have you found that CBD is best in combination with other approaches for managing fibromyalgia? Whether it be with other supplements, exercises, or just any general advice? 

' have used CBD and a healthy diet along with hydrotherapy exercise to improve my fibromyalgia and after using the infinity CBD brand created by the team at Pembrokeshire CBD Centre I have seen a huge improvement in the management of my pain and mental health as have many of my members on Dyfed fibromyalgia support group.

If you have chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or mental health issues I can highly recommend Infinity CBD products, I know their quality is one of the best on the market, and trust me I’ve tried many other CBD oils before I found the Infinity CBD brand.
 I myself and many members of my group have had massive improvements in pain relief and management of Fibromyalgia symptoms since using their products, and yes we are some of their biggest fans lol.

There are other good quality CBD products on the market but its a bit of a minefield to find good quality and value for money CBD, too many out there over price on our pain.

I have used and recommended Pembrokeshire CBD Centres own Infinity CBD brand so often because they provide an excellent quality product that works at a more than reasonable and affordable price, plus their wealth of knowledge on CBD is outstanding... Thanks boys!"

Fibromyalgia You're not aloneDyfed Fibromyalgia Support and Information Group

Do you have a non-CBD related message for those reading this with fibromyalgia who may be going at this alone or without finding solutions to manage it yet? 

"Before I go here’s a quick shout out to anyone suffering fibromyalgia.... You are not alone, there is help and support out there, and you are stronger than you realize, you are a fibro warrior and if you are finding it hard to cope or you want to find out more information to help you in ways to manage this awful illness, then you can contact me through my support group on Facebook, look up Dyfed Fibromyalgia supporters and message me.

This illness can take so much from us but with fellow Fibro sufferers who understand it and can relate it can make the load seem much lighter and you can find friends who understand and empathize with what you are going through.

And if you want more advice on CBD, message the boys at Infinity CBD as they are only too happy to help answer your questions."

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So there you have it! Chisel's take on CBD for Fibromyalgia and other tips to help manage your symptoms. The most important thing that we've taken away from attending groups and reading this is that you are not alone as a Fibro sufferer.

Support groups such as Chisel's provide a community that support and guide each other through this condition and we've seen first hand how beneficial that has been to the members. Better yet, its completely FREE to join! Don't be afraid to reach out to the group linked here or others that may be more local. You've got this! If you decide you want to try any of the products mentioned here today then feel free to use our unique discount code for readers "FIBRO" for 15% OFF! 

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