CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs

Our handmade CBD bath bombs are created in small batches to assure perfection every time. 

We boast one of the widest ranges of full spectrum CBD bath bombs on the planet, each one painstakingly developed for the best possible combination of scents and colours.

Our CBD bath bombs are water soluble, not only does this mean you won’t end up with an oily stain around your bath, it also means the CBD is evenly distributed throughout your bath water, this means your whole body is in contact with the good stuff for maximum absorption!


Our CBD bath bombs come loaded up with either 50mg or 100mg of full plant extract, and our recipes are specifically designed to allow
for efficient absorption into the skin. Please take the time to browse
the full range, as each bomb’s propriety mix of essential oils and
other ingredients boasts its own unique set of benefits.


You can't go wrong when picking one of our CBD Bath Bombs! Time for some self love!