CBD Starter Bundles!

CBD Starter Bundles

How to get started with CBD! Don't know where to start with CBD or want to top up and save money at the same time? Our bundle deals are finally here!

We know that everyone is different and from our extensive feedback we've found that some customers find the benefits they're after by just using the drops, others find it via topicals and others have only found the result they seek with a combination of both. So we wanted to make an entry level bundle that gives you the opportunity to try every combination. 

On top of being able to try our best selling CBD Oil, you'll also be able to try one of our best selling CBD Topicals such as the Calm Stick or Natures Balm. Every starter bundle also comes with a sample of our muscle salve! 

But that's not all! You will also get a £5 voucher for when you find the combination that works for you, making your CBD journey even more cost effective and on top of that you'll also have reward points ready to redeem from your very first purchase! You can't really go wrong with this can you! 

Checkout our CBD Starter Bundles here and don't forget to check out the individual products for their reviews to get a head start on finding the best products for you!