CBD E Liquid

CBD E Liquid

For one of the most efficient ways to use CBD vaping is a simple solution. Here you'll find our CBD vaping solutions!

Many of our customers want a CBD solution that already fits into their daily routine with their vape and quite right! Vaping CBD is one of the most efficient delivery methods and if you already vape then it's incredibly easy to build into your daily routine! 

Our main vapeable CBD product is our Vape Additive that allows you to customise your favourite vape juice to your desired dosage by either adding some drops to your tank or to your whole bottle. We recommend reaching out to us to work out the correct dose to fit in with your routine! 

Can vaping CBD oil e-liquid get you high?

In short, no. Vaping CBD doesn't get you high as it doesn't contain the compound associated with the 'high'. CBD Products sold in the UK have to contain less than 0.2% THC which is far too little to feel any effects of being 'high'. Legal CBD E liquids will have no negative influence on your behaviour/ mind. Although CBD has some incredible effects, getting high isn't one of them! 

Where does the CBD in your E Liquid come from? 

All of the CBD we use in our products is derived from hemp and lab tested to ensure potency and safe consumption. We will NEVER use synthetic CBD in any of our products and would advise avoiding any products containing synthetic cannabinoids.